Aug 2007: Alisha Amnesia revels in S.F., Vegas & San Diego, reporting on The Cult, Elvira & more!

July and August have been really beautiful in San Francisco, and I’ve been continuing to stay busy with short out-of-town jaunts. Friday, July 13, I went to Vegas again– this time to meet up with awesome SF rock and rollers, the All Time Highs, who played at Vegas’ Dive Bar. I helped the band out with their merch, and they gave me a reason to go back to Vegas.

The band rocked as usual, and we did some bar hopping after their show. One of the places we went was the Beauty Bar, which was pretty cool. (The original is in NYC, and we have one in SF too. I think there may be one in LA as well.) I recognized the DJ (Morpheus), but couldn’t figure out why I remembered him… I think from when I lived in LA in 2004…? (Well, there’s a reason my name is Amnesia).

Anyway, Vegas was crazy! I ended up meeting a lot of strangers at the MGM Grand pool, and a crazy friend from LA met up with me as well. I partied like it was my last weekend on earth or something. After 3 crazy nights in Vegas, I realized I needed to calm the hell down! I went back to SF and tried to ignore the fact that there is something to do pretty much every night!

I’d finally recovered after some r-n-r, and I went to check out one of my favorite female-fronted bands, Theo and the Skyscrapers, at Thee Parkside Sunday, July 22. (I’ve written about them before. Theo used to sing for the Lunachicks, and the guitarist, Sean is her husband and a former member of the now defunct Toilet Boys.)

I really love this band. Their first album and tour were great, and this time around, they were touring to promote their second release, “So Many Ways to Die,” which I also really like. The new release is much heavier on keyboard and synth-organ sounds, and sounds a bit more dark and goth than the first release, which was more pop influenced. I think anyone who was a fan of the Lunachicks should give this band a listen.

Not only do they totally rock, but Theo’s also a lot of fun to watch onstage. She looked like a gorgeous punk rock bad girl prom queen, who seems to enjoy herself and have a sense of humor, which makes her seem down to earth. The turnout was disappointing, but the performance was enjoyable all the same.

At the beginning of August, I accepted an invitation to go visit an old friend in San Diego. I’d never been there, but I love the beach, and I found out one of my all-time favorite bands, The Cult would be performing at the horse race track out there. That was all I needed to hear! I booked a flight and laid on the beach for days. It was really beautiful and mellow down there, like a little dream world. I wished I could get a little rental house and live there all summer, writing, tanning, and drinking wine. Well that would’ve been lovely, but having the opportunity to do that for a few days was nice as well.

On Saturday, Aug. 4, I could not wait to go to the racetrack and bet on horses and see my true loves, The Cult. I realized that the first time (of like 7 or so times) I saw them was the Electric tour in ‘87 with Billy Idol… I was 14! Wow! It’s been 20 years that I’ve loved them. My first tattoo that I got when I was 15 was a symbol from a Death Cult record… thank god it wasn’t a phase and I still love them as much as I ever did. That’s exactly how the entire crowd obviously felt. Everyone seemed thrilled to be there.

I was so excited by that whole show. They played at sunset, and opened with one of my favorite songs, ‘Spiritwalker,’ from their first album, ‘Dreamtime.’ Next, they played ‘Nirvana,’ from the Love album, and they followed up with many favorites from the span of their career, including ‘Love Removal Machine,’ ‘Revolution,’ ‘Edie,’ ‘Wildflower,’ ‘Fire Woman,’ as well as a few songs from their upcoming new release, ‘Born Into This,’ which comes out Oct. 2. They closed the show with an encore of ‘She Sells Sanctuary,’ which made the crowd go into appreciative hysterics. It was perfect.

I don’t care that Ian Astbury doesn’t look 25 anymore… (I think he may be a bit self-conscious about that because he performed wearing a jacket for the whole show.) So he may have gained a few pounds? Take it off, Ian! We love you the way you are! Nobody has his style and incredible ethereal voice. I love him. They’ll be touring to support the new album in October, and I’ll be there again to support them for sure. I wonder if I’ll EVER get to meet him?! If I did, I’d probably be too shy to speak.

Anyway, when the show was over, I found myself wishing I could go back! I didn’t want it to end, and I didn’t want to leave beautiful, perfect San Diego. That was an awesome trip.

Back in SF, The 4-year anniversary of my friends’ Adrian and the Mysterious D’s Bootleg mashup club, Bootie was Saturday, Aug. 11, at DNA Lounge. There were 1300 people there going nuts! There was a line around the block like I’ve never seen there before! There were crazy dancers, mad energy, photographers, film crews, and a stretch limo! (It was honestly a bit too much for me!) This club was voted best dance club in the San Francisco Bay Guardian. Congrats, A & D!!! (They also have monthly clubs in LA, NYC and Paris.) The next Bootie SF is Saturday, Sept. 8,.

On Friday, Aug. 24, I went to Peaches Christ’s Midnight Mass to see Elvira, Mistress of the Dark perform and speak IN THE FLESH, and then afterward, the movie shown was ‘Creature from the Black Lagoon’ in 3D!!! Elvira looked beautiful and amazing. Drag Queens Peaches and Vinsantos did a great opening number, and there was a fun Q & A with Peaches, Elvira, and a guy named Mr. Lobo, and the movie was a ton of fun too. I’d never seen an old 3D movie, but I loved it! My friend Miss Lynda made good use of her usually-garaged ‘76 Cadillac Hearse by playing chauffeur to Elvira for the appearance. This was a truly unique San Francisco night.

I’ve seen a lot of new local bands lately, but nothing so great that I feel like going into right now. Not to worry though, I always have a lot on the calendar, and will keep on bringing you tales of my city (and others since I don’t stay put all the time)!

Coming up, I’m going to see the Subhumans on Sept. 1 at Slims, Sham 69 at The Red Devil Lounge on Sept. 4, and a few monthly clubs that I try to catch when I’m around: Jason El Diablo’s ‘Die Die my Darling’ on Fri Sept. 7 at SF Underground, and Adrienne Scissorhands’ ‘Club Debauchery’ on the last Sunday of Sept. at Annie’s Social Club. Also, I just found out that NYC Coolgrrrl Kitty Kowalski is coming to play Friday, Sept. 7, at Thee Parkside with her band, The Kowalskis!

Also Friday, Sept. 7,th, at the deYoung Museum, their Friday night series features CATTYCHISM: A Peaches Christ Retrospective, from 5 to 8:45 p.m..

“Celebrate a decade of art inspired by and created for San Francisco’s very own drag superstar, Peaches Christ! Explore the meticulous craftwork behind the internationally renowned hostess of the Midnight Mass Movie Series.” For more info,

Until next time, friends…

XO Alisha Amnesia


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