Alisha Amnesia wrote for “Cool Girls,” known as Coolgrrrls.com, which later became CG Weekly, from 1999-2010, and was the site’s Editor from 2004-2010. The site was comprised of girls from all over the globe who wrote about music, nightlife, art & culture in various cities. It featured writers from San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City, Boston, Detroit, Miami, Nashville, Austin, Las Vegas, and Internationally in London, Hong Kong, Stockholm, Tokyo, Argentina, Scotland, Spain, Monaco, Budapest, Hungary; Munich & Bavaria, Germany; Melbourne & Sydney, Australia and Calgary & Toronto, Canada. The site went offline in 2010, but was later purchased and re-launched by new owners who had nothing to do with the original site.

Since I have no affiliation whatsoever with the current site, I decided to publish some of my archives as writing samples of the types of columns I used to write. You’ll notice references to an earlier time in technology, with mentions of “MySpace” and going to music venues that didn’t allow concertgoers to take photos!

In revisiting these archives, it reminded me of so many music festivals, concerts, art shows and cultural events I attended over the years, and so many interesting bands and people I’ve met along the way. I’ve definitely grown as a writer since then, but I am proud of my past as a contributor, as well as having taken the reins as an Editor, assisting writers of many different languages of origin.


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